Pop-up parties in unconventional urban spaces


Our Mission

Public Disco was founded to bring new life to under-utilized public spaces while showcasing Vancouver’s vibrant electronic music scene. We activate in a range of venues from plazas and laneways to warehouse event spaces. Each event transforms a space into a unique pop-up dance club for people of all ages to connect through music.


Why Disco?

In the late 60s and early 70s discotheques emerged as safe haven for marginalized groups such as blacks, latinos and lgbtq+ folks to connect and express themselves without fear of persecution. These spaces began as private members-only clubs, but over time this counterculture made it’s way out of the underground, influencing the mainstream sound of the 70s and paving the way for the development of house, techno and other forms of modern dance music. The foundation of DJ culture that we know today came out of a struggle for space and acceptance.

We aim to honour this colourful history by creating a space that celebrates queer identity, encourages vibrant self-expression, showcases a diverse array of artists and provides opportunities for the public to enjoy music and dancing side by side. While the format of our events is different from disco’s origins, its core elements of love, happiness, expression and acceptance shine bright in everything we do.


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