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General applications to perform at public disco are closed

Thank you for you interest in performing at Public Disco! Our general applications for performers are closed, but we encourage you to apply next year from January to April 2020. We are however, still accepting applications to perform at Vancouver Pride this summer (see below).

calling all queer DJ’s!

Public Disco is excited to be hosting multiple events for pride this year! We’re looking for DJs from a diverse array of backgrounds, identities and experiences to add to our programming.

Applications are open from now until July 1, 2019.

While the majority of our past events have focused on feel good dance music, we will be showcasing a wider variety of music at the Pride Premiere event and as such, invite DJs of various styles to apply to be considered.

What sort of performer are you? Check the boxes below which apply to you. *
Public Disco aims to provide increased opportunities for underrepresented groups. If you feel comfortable sharing, please check the boxes that apply to you below. *
Use this space to share a performance video or live recording
Share a link to a song, ep or album relevant to our curation style Preference will be given to artists that also produce music
Show us your skills on the decks with a mix recording relevant to our curation style
Tell us a bit about you, your style, your experience and why you want to perform at Public Disco.