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Want to perform at public disco?

We’re excited to have you! Keep in mind we book talent for our events several months in advance. Bookings are competitive, and we only have so many spots throughout the year.

Music Artists

Our programming highlights a mix of emerging and established artists from a diverse range of backgrounds. We invite you to send us your demos to be considered for future bookings. Please keep in mind that not all types of electronic music are appropriate for Public Disco events. Our curation focuses on feel good music from funk and disco to house. Relevant music samples are encouraged. We give preference to artists that are also releasing music.

While the majority of our past events have focused on dance music, we will be diversifying our programming in 2019. As such, we welcome submissions from various types of performance to be considered for future Public Disco events.

Dance Performers

Public Disco events are centred around accessibility, inclusion, and artistic expression. Our programming aims to highlight the diversity of Vancouver’s talent with special focus on minority groups and underrepresented populations. Please keep in mind that we only take a small percentage of those who apply due to limited space, but we welcome all submissions!